Tuna Salad

      INGREDIENTS FOR 1 SERVING: 1 can of tuna 1 red pepper italian parsley 1/4 cup capers 1/4 sweet onion lemon juice pink salt & fresh ground pepper chili flakes   Chop the veggies and combine all the ingredients= delicious salad. ENJOY!    

Dressed-up Portabella

    Nom Nom and ready in less than 30 minutes…of which 15 minutes were spent “degustating” (is this even a word?) wine. ‘Cause you know…I too cook with wine and sometimes I even use it in my recipes. INGREDIENTS: 1 portabella mushroom 2 tbsp goat cheese about 2 cups spinach 1/3 yellow onion 1…

Tomato Pickles Salad

      INGREDIENTS FOR 2 SERVINGS:   1 big tomato 6 pickles 1/3 cup red pepper stuffed green olives  1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 1/2 small sweet onion freshly ground pepper   Chop and enjoy!  

Tuna Salad II

We all know how to make a salad and there are so many combinations that you can think of… it’s a never ending food story… and it’s healthy and guilt free. You can find Tuna Salad I here. 1/2 jar TONNINO yellow tuna fillets in water  4 small sweet peppers 2 cups spinach sweet onion…

Spinach and Egg Salad

    2 cups spinach 1 vine- tomato 1 cup cucumber chili flakes 6 kalamata olives 2 tbs feta cheese few slices of sweet onion 1 boiled egg pink salt & pepper basil olive oil & balsamic vinegar   ENJOY!   For Romanian press 2.  

Salmon Rucola Salad

    handful of kalamata olives few pieces of smokes salmon 2 cups rucola 1/4 cup sun dried tomatoes kept in olive oil pink salt & black pepper 1 tbs olive oil 1/4 lemon juice   Let’s keep it healthy this week! ENJOY!